About Sujima Grains Tec

SUJIMA GRAINS TEC, a unit from AKAN group, is a food grain processing company established in 2015 with an objective of engaging Indian Tradition & Food Culture into this modern business world with high profile business ethics and to pave a way for people to get the traditional food grains (especially millets) which was the only food of our ancestors by that time, in an easy manner to lead a good and healthy lifestyle.

We have with us a state-of-the-art facility, which is spread over a large area and is segregated into processing unit, quality testing unit and packaging unit. This well-developed production setup also allow us to undertake even bulk processing under hygienic conditions.

Our commitment to quality ensures that our processes are in line with global standards for food safety, quality and control. Understanding our customers’ requirements and driving processes to meet these requirements is veritably accomplished with the help of our Quality Assurance and Control standards.

we have developed the art of understanding our Buyer’s requirements to its minuscule fact and provide them with the best customized service. Thus, it is natural that our Buyers are with us through the thick and thin of this ever-changing business world. We are ready to export Par Boiled Rice and Matta Rice anywhere in the world

Our consistency with regard to “Taste and Price” is the reason behind our success and ever-growing clients. The other fact behind our success is consistency in quality, ability to satisfy customer’s needs and requirements and our principals which inspired us to good, best and better.

Research And Development (R&D) Team :

Our research and development chief post is taken care by Mrs. Karpagavalli Gurunivas, who has done her Masters in Food Science and Nutrition (FSN) from the Gandhigram University, Dindugal. With her immense knowledge of Food dietary and nutrition, she has done her projects in creating new and innovative millet products in the university.

We have engaged with her in research and as a result we are obtaining new projects from millet based products with no added preservatives and artificial agents, she have created many prototypes with natural taste and health conscious additives.

And the same will be introduced to the market periodically!!

Food from Indian Tradition

1 What are millets?
2 Why to consume millets?
3 How are they cultivated?
4 Who cultivates millets?
5 When and where?



Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, comes under the category of cereals – Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millet, Barley, Oats, Rye.

Protein rich, Natural, Fibre rich, Non- acidic, Healthy, Gluten free, Lower GI, Non-GMO, High on calcium, Mineral rich, Least allergic, Escape from lifestyle diseases, Get a balanced diet, Good food for life, High on antioxidants

  • To have a balanced healthy diet
  • Escape from the lifestyle diseases
  • Capability to withstand hard situations naturally.
  • Their yield/hectare is 4-5 times lower than that of paddy rice.
  • Application of such insecticides & pesticides are cost intensive and remains useless.
  • The yield/hectare remains more or less the same with/without the presence of exernal chemical inputs.
  • Application of exernal chemical inputs require more water to perform, wheras water is not suffciently available.

The small farmers who have a small piece of land, located in rain fed areas.

INDIA is the Largest producer of millets. Millets are grown in dry lands areas where water is not sufficiently available. Grown in rain fed areas (low rainfall regions) and have the capability to withstand hard situations like drought.

Application of external chemical inputs, in general require more water to perform well, whereas the Millets are grown in dry lands areas where water is not sufficiently available and the yield/hectare remains same with/without the presence of External chemical inputs.



  • 1. What we do?

    We support our marginal farmers who cultivate millets by buying back their produce and enhancing the interest of farming in the farmers, thereby giving our presence in the progress of their financial growth and development. By keeping in mind – The water crisis of the country, we support the millet farmers and bringing back the agricultural wealth to our country, INDIA.

  • 2. Why we do?

    We SUJIMA GRAINS TEC, with an objective of engaging Indian Tradition & Food Culture into this modern business world with high profile business ethics and to pave a way for people to get traditional food grains – millets, which was the only food of our ancestors by that time, to lead a good and healthy lifestyle in an easy manner.

  • 3. How we do?

    We, after the procurement of grains from our farmers, clean the grains and store them in a good conditioned warehouse. And we process them into parboiled millet, millet flakes and pack them in our brand MILLET GURU with the help of our skilled and unskilled labours and make them available in the Indian and international market.

  • 4. Who we are?

    SUJIMA GRAINS TEC, a unit from AKAN group, is a food grain processing company founded in 2015 by Mr. N.R.Gurunivas, who graduated from SRI RAMAKRISHNA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, COIMBATORE as an engineer with a motive to Export the INDIAN TRADITIONAL FOOD based on millets in our brand MILLET GURU – as easy of fooding…

  • 5. Where we do?

    We collect grains from all over Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and also from Andhra and make them precisely as value-added products in Thiruthangal, next to Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India.